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California Internet delivers enterprise-class Internet, voice and data
transfer services tailored to Southern California businesses.




We serve all of our clients with:

  • Peace of Mind Customer Care™
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Blazing Speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • Network Redundancy with Automated Failover
  • Ultra Low Latency
  • Next Day Installation Available*

    * Not available for all products

  Dedicated Internet Access

Our goal is to provide the best highest connection quality, reliability and cost savings for our clients, backed up by the friendly and dedicated customer service that is built into the very core of our business.

  Business Telephone Services

Our business class, scalable Voice over IP (VoIP) services provide reliable and cost effective solutions customized to your needs. Prices start at under $11/channel for Business PRI and SIP Trunking.

 Peace of Mind Customer Care™

At each step in the process, we promise to be knowledgeable, honest, and friendly, while providing the best connection for your business needs. That’s why we’ve been rated as one of the best ISPs in California.

About Our Network

Digital Phone & Fax Solutions

#1 Rated ISP in SoCal with 5 stars!

Client Feedback

We strive to exceed your expectations and provide internet service that meets your every need.

California Internet has services that can drastically change the communication processes of small, medium and large sized businesses. Their Internet, VoIP and data services are competitively priced and backed by excellent customer care. Recommended by - Editors at
50Mbps FlexFiberOptic™ Circuit in On-net Building. Saved over 30% from other carriers’ pricing and turned up new circuit in 6 days. Other carriers quoted 30-90 days. - Santa Monica, CA
150Mbps ClearFiber™ Circuit. Client ordered terrestrial fiber optic with California Internet. After discovering the local exchange carrier would take over 120 days to install, client opted for a 150Mbps ClearFiber™ circuit, which we installed in less than 2 weeks. Client cancelled terrestrial fiber order as he saw quality was 7-8ms resting latency and >1ms jitter. - Van Nuys, CA
Client had multiple carriers fail to install ethernet over copper and terrestrial fiber. Client came to California Internet with only 13 days before their building went live. California Internet delivered a 100Mbps ClearFiber™ circuit in 4 days, saving our client tens of thousands of dollars in downtime. - Long Beach, CA
FlexFiberOptic™ terrestrial fiber circuit. 250Mbps with ultra low 2ms of latency. We now have 5 sites with California Internet in a MPLS configuration with private connectivity between all sites at ULTRA low latency. We experience less than 5ms between most of our sites across California. - Burbank, CA
25Mbps Ethernet circuit for our client’s satellite office in South Carolina. California Internet also implemented proprietary WAN acceleration so that our client can transfer at full 25Mbps line speed between their Los Angeles South Carolina offices. Prior to California Internet, our client had a 25Mbps circuit that could only push 5Mbps to their LA office. - Columbia, SC
Installed a 100Mbps ClearFiber™ circuit in 13 days. Terrestrial fiber optic construction estimates were 140-180 days. Client saw the quality of the circuit and quickly upgraded to 120Mbps.  Bandwidth turn-up was less than 1 hour vs 2-4 weeks from other carriers. Other carriers also do not offer small increment (20Mbps) increases. - Culver City, CA
New 50Mbps ClearFiber™ Circuit installed in area where NO Terrestrial Fiber Optic services were available. Installed in normal scheduling in less than 2 weeks. Saved $550/month over closest competitor. We are running latency and jitter sensitive VOIP and Video services with perfect quality! - San Bernardino, CA
Installed a new 50Mbps ClearFiber™ circuit in 16 hours due to an emergency situation.  CA Internet pulled out a big win for us.  We were skeptical of microwave/wireless solutions and VOIP quality. After 4 weeks of consistent monitoring and testing we have an MOS VOIP Score of 4.5 which is excellent! - Anaheim, CA

Experience How We Are Different

 Fastest and Largest Network

With the largest coverage area of any single provider and lowest latency network in California. We also now have FiberFusion™ products up to 200 Mbps and FlexFiberOptic™ products up to 10,000 Mbps nationwide at guaranteed lowest prices. Private network data nationwide available.

 100% Uptime Products & #1 Rated Support

We have multi-path products like our FiberFusion™ that have 100% statistical (not just guaranteed) uptime. Our customer and technical support is second to none. We live on a simple principle of treat our customers how we’d like to be treated. One of the top ISPs in California, with a 5 Star Customer Service Rating at Ookla NetIndex.

 Custom Built Solutions

From small business to enterprise we engineer solutions that are designed for each client. We can blend multiple types of connections with redundancy at every level even to your local network handoff with BGP and VRRP configurations. Call us today.

 We’re MORE than affordable

While quality, reliability and service come first that doesn't mean we are insanely expensive. We guarantee the lowest price and are consistently 15-20% less than our competition. What you can’t afford is the poor support or slow speeds of the other guys.

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how we are different

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